Kristen has helped us to focus our message to engage our patients, staff and the community. She has brought a fresh perspective to our internal and external communications that has been very valuable. Kristen is direct and innovative in her work. She knows when it’s necessary to push and when to pull back to get the best result.

Richard Fernandez
President/CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Milton

Kristen and her team at KDalyCo feel like an extension of my own business. As a business advisor and coach, who works with senior leaders globally, my job is to help my clients find better alignment with their teams, grow and expand their business as well as begin their legacy planning. I regularly and confidently pass a baton to Kristen because once my client is clear on their mission Kristen’s attention to detail, curiosity about personal style and voice, and her uncanny ability to get the most nervous or introverted of people camera and podium ready is remarkable and appears to come as naturally to her as breathing. I couldn’t recommend Kristen more assuredly or more passionately.

Jeanne Esti
Principal, Compagna Enterprises

Kristen Daly has a fierce personality and a determination to help her clients succeed in every sense of the word. Kristen helped me to identify my blind spots, find my voice and project it with confidence. What I love most about Kristen is the experience, compassion and dedication she brings to each of her clients. She continually goes above and beyond to help her clients succeed in every aspect of what they are trying to accomplish. Kristen is not just a coach but truly a partner. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an experienced and professional communications and speech strategist.

Michelle Cully
CEO, Xpressman Trucking and Courier
Author, “High Heels in the Laundry Room"

I was faced with the challenge of making several high profile speeches in a short amount of time while still running my company as CEO. I reached out to Kristen and she immediately went to work. Her expertise and support were critical to my ability to communicate effectively while still supporting the needs of my team, customers and our military service members. Kristen both challenges and inspires. Gemini’s "No-Fail, No-Excuses" execution has enabled customers to achieve their goals and led us to 30 years of success in business. Kristen’s no nonsense, laser focused coaching echoed our culture. Her methods work.

Victoria Bondoc
President/CEO, Gemini Industries

I had approached Kristen Daly to provide guidance and assistance with our marketing and on-camera media initiatives for our Executive Leadership Team. Given her extensive background in Public Relations and in the local media, I felt confident that she would add value to our initiative. The end result was far more valuable than I ever imagined. She quickly immersed herself in our business and our services. She carefully shaped our message and closely guided our on-camera delivery. I now have a new found respect and understanding for the expertise that a professional PR consultant can provide to any organization seeking a positive public image. I would highly recommend Kristen to any organization or senior executive looking for media training and PR initiatives.

Dave Gomes
CEO, Navis Learning

I was on the verge of making an important and high profile speech, and I wanted to get it just right. To complicate matters, I had to deliver it using double teleprompters! Although I’ve given many of speeches before, this moment was different. So, for the first time in my life I decided to seek out the assistance of a seasoned media coach. I knew Kristen would be great the second I met her. She has a big personality and a ‘can-do’ attitude. In a short period of time Kristen was able to help me hone my skills, strengthening my delivery and allowing me to feel natural, authentic, and conversational even though I was reading off teleprompters. Kristen’s media coaching really helped me prepare for this big moment. She didn’t try to change me, or my message, she simply drew the best out of me. It was an excellent experience.

Raney Aaronson
Media Executive, WGBH

I have worked with Kristen for many years and she is a true professional in every sense of the word. My firm has benefited from Kristen's many talents, among them her ability to train clients to effectively communicate their messages to the media in both good times and in crisis situations. She is smart, strategic and provides sound, practical advice that generates optimum results.

Tara Frier
CEO, Goodwin Group PR

Kristen has been invaluable in helping me shape my story and successfully deliver it to different audiences. She gets into the audiences’ world, knows what resonates and helps give you the tools to communicate in your own voice. The training regimen that Kristen has put together and her personal touch has given me the material and confidence I need.

Rhonda Kallman
Owner, Boston Harbor Distillery
Co-Founder, Boston Beer Company

Kristen has played an instrumental role in providing Jett Foundation with strategic media outreach and fine tuning of key messages. Kristen provided a level of exposure that led our organization to new media and financial opportunities and relationships. Her unique ability to survey upcoming opportunities was a driving force in achieving national attention for our cause and has allowed the foundation to move closer than ever to our goals.

Christine McSherry, RN
Executive Director, The Jett Foundation

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing and working with Kristen for more than 20 years. To say she is a force of nature is truly an understatement. She’s fast on her feet and knows how to get things done. Kristen leads with humor and honesty and has a way of motivating people to do things they didn’t know they wanted to do! She can fill a room with the drop of a text, then emcee AND run the show-in designer dress and heels. She’s a creative thinker whose connections run wide and deep- a true testament to her character. I’m honored to be one of them.

Jan Craig Singer
Co-Founder, Konenki

Kristen Daly is an extremely effective media trainer who has worked with several of our clients to prepare them for live media appearances. She was able to put them at ease, help them shape their message, and teach them how to have a focused conversation in front of an audience. Each client accomplished their interview successfully - and one of them was booked for several additional appearances. Kristen's years of experience as a broadcast journalist and PR professional make her uniquely suited for the work she does, and her empathy, intelligence, and sense of humor make her a joy to work with.

Chris Kelly
Director, Fifth House PR

After just a few hours of media training with Kristen we had a concise message and nearly perfect elevator pitch. Kristen's media training made a huge difference in how we were able to communicate our organization's mission. Kristen is a rockstar when it comes to interview preparation. We have never been caught off guard by a question and always feel equipped to articulate our message in the most effective way possible. 

Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy
Co-Founders, Tailored for Education