Kristen Daly

Meet Kristen Daly

For over 25 years I have been immersed in the business of communications. As producer, broadcast journalist, and PR executive, I have learned how to take a ton of information and boil it down into the “stuff” that matters. With KDalyCo, I now have the opportunity to take my experience, no nonsense style, and proven methods to help others zero in on their audience, find their voice, and tell their story.

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“How Dare You!”

“How dare you!” Three words recently spoken by a 16 year old who has turned the climate change discussion into an international movement and dinner time argument. Impressive. Greta Thunberg is trending across the internet and across the globe for her impassioned speech at the UN. Some are standing and cheering for this pint sized planet pioneer who can make grown men cry. Some however, are vigorously shaking their heads in disgust at her bold delivery and audacious tone, believing … Read More

Tell Me About Yourself

“Tell me about yourself?” Short question, seems easy right? You have known yourself for a really long time so start talking! Quickly you rattle off your name, your degree, your title….then, there is silence. You swallow hard and look to the floor. What should come next? Glad you asked! Coming up with your “story” and making it interesting to an audience other than your Uncle Phil or your mom is complicated, intimidating, and kind of weird. I recently completed a … Read More

What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of? Tough question, right? Some of us are afraid to take risks…some are afraid of not taking enough. Fear is one of those things that can live dormant in your gut, then suddenly fester and take over in the most cruel ways. Fear of public speaking is real. People have told me they would rather drink poison, stab themselves in the eye, or worse, than step foot in front of an audience. I get it. I … Read More

The 3 "C"s to Success

I will never forget the first time the teleprompter died when I was anchoring the news. There I was staring at frozen words on a screen. Nothing was moving…no words were coming and I had no idea how to save myself.  All I knew is that someone was on the other end of the lens wondering why I wasn’t speaking. After the wave of nausea subsided…I looked at the paper script at my hands and I read. I never picked … Read More

"All Good??"

Every time you open your mouth and mention your company in is there. Forever. It can be found and used FOR or AGAINST you until the end of time. One Google search of your name can reveal all.  Great! Unless what you said is not well thought out, untrue, off the mark, or just plain “not good.” Now more than ever you have one shot to get it right. One shot to say something useful…and if it is said … Read More

Do I need therapy?

I was recently having a casual conversation with a woman talking about what I do. She had the usual questions, “who do you work with?”, “how did you get started?”, “so you’re a speech therapist!?”.  I tilted my head a bit and thought about that last question. My first inclination was to laugh and correct her. Then it hit me. Speech therapist. “I am a kind of a speech therapist!”, I thought. It’s a hell of a lot more descriptive than … Read More