Do You Give a SH*T???

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What are you trying to say and does anybody give a shit?

Really, I am asking not to be flippant, but because I think it is the most important question you should ask yourself when you are tasked with communicating with another human.

This sentence has become my tag line, my calling card and the best way I can gauge what a client really needs from me.

Whether you are giving a keynote speech, presentation to the board, writing an email or having a chat over a glass of chardonnay…what you say, how you say it… and better yet what is the take away, is what matters.

Not many people have the time or the brain space to digest and filter out everything being thrown at them, never mind take the time to dust off the important pieces. Think about how much is zinged at you every day. The emails, the texts, the ads, the chatter…your own voice!!!

Don’t contribute to the noise when it is your turn to talk.

Don’t be the guy who uses slick industry speak to sound smart.

Instead, talk about what you know as the truth. Save the jargon, know who you are talking to and why your words matter to them.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with busy slides that are a total distraction.

Instead, find better words to make your point so you don’t need a visual crutch. Dig deeper and find a connection to the content.

Don’t state the obvious in your first 30 seconds of opening your mouth.

Instead, start with something strong, weird or unusual to create interest and grab the audience from the start.

In other words, give a S.H.I.T.

S   – Show up. Don’t tell someone you are excited…actually be excited. Prove it!

H   – Hard Sell? Hell No.

I    – Inspire me, don’t try and impress me.

T   – Tell the truth. If you don’t believe it no one else will.

I truly believe every single one of us has something interesting and inspiring to say.

Has it been said before? Maybe. Is all information the reinvention of the wheel? Probably not.

But when YOU deliver it in YOUR voice with YOUR truth…it can’t ever be copied and can feel brand spanking new.

I give a shit. Do you?

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By Kristen Daly