Stay In Your Lane

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“I’m not an expert but…my cousin heard that we will be in quarantine for a year.”

“I’m not an expert but…I thought I would share this news I saw on FB.”

“I’m not an expert but…here is what I think is going to happen.”

Stop. Please. Just stop.

I understand that in a time of unprecedented uncertainty the urge to share is great. We are all plugged in, logged on and desperate to capture the latest bit of news and information. However…when your sentence starts with “I am not an expert…” you are truly adding to the chaos.

If you ARE an expert, then great! Let me know your area of expertise. Let me know how you are contributing and how your credentials make you valuable.

Stay in your lane.

None of us have gone through this before. This is a new world. Now more than ever facts matter. The truth matters and saying “I just don’t know” might just be the most effective thing any of us can say.

My expertise is in communication. I am advising my clients, friends, leaders and whomever needs it, to stick to the truth.

I am developing and creating new ways to be useful in my field and to stay in my lane.

My advice as an expert… Manage. Maintain. Move On.

Manage the message. It is changing every minute. Focus on the facts…repeat them if needed…then stop talking. This is not a time to speculate or try an be a fortune teller. Use words that have meaning…and keep it concise.

Maintain. Stay connected and realize that what works today may not work tomorrow. CEO’s and leaders need to create a united front with compassion and flexibility. Listening to the team is more important than ever.

Move On. This will eventually be history and we will all need to march forward and pick up the pieces. Stay focused on your core values. Those do not change because the world has. Use them to stay clear in a time when nothing seems certain.

Communication is our best tool during this crisis. Thoughtful, truthful and timely communication.

No rumors. No speculation. No thank you.

Please be safe and healthy!

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By Kristen Daly