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Is it more important to know what you ARE or what you are NOT?

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In my first blog I wrote about what I do. It’s important to know what you do and be able to articulate that. Agreed.  But I was recently preparing for a new business call and had a thought. “Why do people work with me? Why should this guy work with me?” They already know what I do therefore they know basically what I “am” in the professional sense. So what is it that sets me apart? In this case I decided that leading with what I am NOT might be the best thing I could do.

I am not someone who is scripted.

I am not someone who uses a template and inserts client of the month “here”.

I am not someone who only looks at the big picture…details…and lots of them, matter.

I am not someone who presents slides and bullet points on a screen because that is what trainers “do.”

I do not (or at least I try not to!) compare myself to anyone else in my industry.

I am not going to sit down, do a mock interview…and call it media training.

I am not going to tell you what you want to hear because that is way too easy.

I am not right all the time…but I know what works.

As I went through what I WASN’T…I zeroed on my own brand, my own methods and learned a lot about why I am different and why people work with me.

The next time you are looking at your brand, your new product launch, your next sales meeting…think of 5 things that you are NOT. I am willing to bet that you too will get laser focused on the details that matter most and what sets you apart from all the noise and nonsense that can clutter what you are.

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