Linked In… or not?

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I recently posted my first blog. It was a big deal for me. Not because I am afraid of writing or expressing my thoughts and insights…it is because I wonder “who is listening?????”

I posted it on LinkedIn…I think. Full disclosure…technical things like LinkedIn (and I realize it is NOT that technical) intimidate me. I have no idea if I posted it correctly, or moreover if anyone would  actually read it. Truth be told I am pretty sure I did not post it correctly. So I tried to delete it. I couldn’t make it go away.
Today as I logged on to the site it said that 7 people read my post. I was excited and horrified all at once.

Did they click and find nothing? Worse, did they click and find something and roll their eyes because it wasn’t done right? Or super bad…did they click, read, and not like it.

I decided none of the above mattered. I wrote it and its out there. And “I” like it!

As I was doing research before launching KDalyCo, I read that you should write a blog even if you think no one is reading. I didn’t buy it at first. Then I got it. Someone is always listening. Maybe not to this entire blog, but maybe to a piece of it. Maybe someone will read it and hate it! Great! Disagree with me. Maybe someone will read it and learn something. Yeah me!

I needed to treat myself like a client. “What do you have to say and why should anyone care Kristen?”
It doesn’t matter how many people share it, “like” it or delete it. It matters that I said it. I put it out there in my authentic voice, with conviction and a belief that it was useful to someone. Maybe just to me?!

Someone is always listening. And…everyone has something to say….even on a poorly executed post on LinkedIn!


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